Steph Mclaughlin

I started work with the company in mid-2016, after moving to the area from Northern Ireland. I wanted to be closer to my immediate family, who had also relocated to East Sussex, and to my daughter who had come to England to study. Prior to leaving Ireland, I was employed by the Civil Service for 16 years. I have background and vast experience in managing both Human Resources and Business Services departments, and also as a Premises Manager.

My role within the Hepburn company is as Buyer and Office Manager. My duties are mostly involved within the buying department, making enquiries for prices for the surveyors & estimators,  placing and arranging delivery of orders, and the processing of invoices with regards to the purchasing of all materials and supplies. I am also involved in many general duties within the company,  and provide extensive administrative support to ensure the smooth running of the office on a day to day basis.

Outside of work, l love spending valuable time with my daughter when she has time off from university. I also love the company of my family, and in particular my three nephews. I enjoy and attend Zumba and Yoga classes a few times a week.  I also cycle, roller skate and enjoy walks with my dog.