Stephen Buckingham

Following my graduation in Construction Management in 2003, I started work as a Quantity Surveyor for a Civil Engineering Contractor in South East London.  Looking back it was a challenging role as I was thrown in the deep end.  This being said, I soon adapted and managed the roles and expectations required.

The vast majority of my experience has been Main Contractor Background, working predominantly in the retail sector delivering Supermarkets & Banks.

I enjoy the challenges of being a QS and ensuring attention to detail at all times with my work.

We (Me, my wife Laura & our two Boys Issac (9); Toby (3)) relocated to East Sussex in 2014 from Kent.

The journey to London everyday was impacting my work – life balance, on this basis I decided to look for a job locally, to which I found a great opportunity at BM Hepburn. The rest as they say is history.

Outside of work I collect & listen to Vinyl records (12″ & 45s).  I also love a bit of DIY and always have small projects ongoing around the home (as the wife will tell you).

A few other favourites of mine are Basketball & DJing (Vinyl); although I’m not sure my neighbours feel the same way……….!